Individual cases

Delegated powers of the mayor in townscape preservation enforcement
Position of the National Authority for Data Protection and Freedom of Information on the Hungarian Medical Chamber’s recommendation for the transparency of medical ethics procedures
Access to environmental information in connection with the Lake Fertő Aquatic Centre development
Recent court ruling in relation to accessing data of public interest
Publicity of sale contract of land concluded by the Balaton Shipping Company Ltd
Electronic disclosure of decrees of local municilpalities
Fulfillment of request on disclosure of data of public interest
Publicity of jubilee rewards of civil and public servants
Data public on grounds of public interest – Labour classification and salary of employees hired by companies and institutions maintained by local municipalities
Data public on grounds of public interest – members of the PM’s delegation
Publicity of the Act CXCVI of 2011 on National Assets and of data of companies maintained by local municipalities
Publicity of files relating to the assessment of applications in conjunction with the utilization of lands maintained by the National Land Fund
Publicity of the data of supervisory board members